You can choose to belong month by month or for the full year


(plus tax)

For about the cost of a single therapy session you get access to a whole month of programming




(plus tax)

For about the cost of a ten therapy sessions you get access to a whole year of programming



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How it Works

Get started by filling out an application. Answer a few questions about yourself and a member of our team will reach out within 48 hours to set up a zoom phone call help you explore the best way to start your journey. 

You didn't choose to join,

but you can choose to belong. 

You're ready for The Trauma Club if:
  • You're a survivor of trauma, big or little, and want to move forward in your life
  • You're ready to find meaning in what you went through
  • You want to feel safe, happy, and in control of your life and emotions
  • You feel motivated to reflect on how different relationships in your life have been affected by trauma
  • You're open to learning new tools and techniques for achieving post-traumatic growth
  • You feel comfortable using digital platforms like Zoom (Our team members are here to help you get set up)
  • You enjoy being in groups and connecting with other resilient people
  • You have the skills to take care of yourself when hearing about other's trauma (and our team will also be here to support you)
  • You have had the benefit of individual counselling and/or the trauma/loss didn't happen in the last 6 months
  • You understand The Trauma Club Community Agreements and feel committed to contributing to a safe and respectful community
Not sure if you're ready? A team member can answer questions and help you decide if The Trauma Club is right for you. 

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