The Trauma Club is an online program and community for survivors to explore how their life and relationships are shaped by trauma, and how they can achieve post-traumatic growth.

You didn't choose to join The Trauma Club,

but you can choose to belong.

Our Purpose

We recognize that in trauma, all of our relationships are affected for better or worse, from family and friends, to career and money, to your relationship with yourself. Trauma can leave us feeling lost and overwhelmed, and with a great deal to navigate as you put life back together into a "new normal". In The Trauma Club you'll have the chance to explore different relationships through our guided program of workshops, art studios, group discussion  and personal reflection. Each month, the club hosts an expert-in-residence to share tools and resources to help you move forward in a specific relationship realm.

Founder & Director, Shannon Moroney

Author of national bestsellers Through the Glass & Out of the Shadows


Your Circle of Care

We know that trauma can affect all aspects of our lives. That's why we've assembled a team of mental health and wellness professionals to surround you with care.


Our experts understand The Trauma Club because they've been there too. Our team is made up of  people who have survived many different kinds of trauma and learned ways to thrive. 

We are here as your team to support you on your journey to post-traumatic growth. 

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How it Works

Each month The Trauma Club explores a different relationship that can be affected by trauma. From food to ancestry, we understand that traumatic experiences can shape all aspects of your life for better or worse. You can sign up for one month of programming at a time, or for a whole year. For about the price of one session with a counsellor, you’ll have access to a wide range of programming and resources. 


Weekly online, interactive workshops lead by experts

Circle Time

Monthly group dialogue facilitated by founder, Shannon Moroney

Open Studio

Explore the month's theme with projects facilitated by an

art therapist


Receive weekly emails with inspiration and resources

from our experts


Reflect on your

journey with

customized journal prompts



Start your journey with a welcome kit with everything you you need to begin

Each Wednesday at 7pm you’ll be invited to participate in live programming based on our month’s theme. We host weekly workshops, group conversations, and art studios to help you delve into how your relationships have been affected by trauma. 


When you sign up for The Trauma Club you’ll receive a care package in the mail with everything you need to begin your journey. Each month you’ll receive new journaling prompts based on our theme and every week you’ll receive an inspirational email from our expert-in-residence.


Each month we host an expert-in-residence to hold our month’s programming. Our experts understand the The Trauma Club because they’ve been there too. Our team is made up of people who have survived many different kinds of trauma and learned ways to thrive.

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You didn't choose to join,

but you can choose to belong.

At The Trauma Club you can sign up for one month at a time or you can sign up for a whole year. 


(plus tax)

For about the cost of a single therapy session you get access to a whole month of programming




(plus tax)

For about the cost of a ten therapy sessions you get access to a whole year of programming



Ready to start your journey?