Meet Your Team

We've been there.

At Shannon Moroney and Associates, we walk our talk. In addition to our formal training, each of our team members has taken a unique journey to post-traumatic growth. We have experienced Big T and Little T trauma in many forms, including sexual abuse, addiction, violent crime, divorce, depression, oppression, stigma, grief, disordered eating, and justice system issues. We have all worked hard to overcome adversity and make lemonade out of lemons, and we're here to help you do the same. We never ask clients to engage in healing strategies we have not gone through ourselves. You can trust us.

Following your intake and needs assessment, a customized circle of experts will be formed to help you achieve your goals. 

Shannon Moroney

Shannon Moroney, MA, RSW

Founder and Director
Therapist, Writing Coach, Justice Advocate

Shannon is a warm, positive and skilled therapist with over 20 years of experience helping children, youth and adults to allow traumatic experiences to shape their lives, but not control them. Through talk therapy, EMDR, restorative dialogue, land-based retreats, writing, play and art, she supports people and communities to achieve post-traumatic growth, explore forgiveness, and reclaim sovereignty over their lives. She has extensive experience providing group and individual therapy to survivors of sexual abuse and human trafficking, as well as to Indigenous survivors of Canada’s residential school system and other systems of oppression. She also supports law enforcement and legal teams to practice trauma-informed justice, provides expert testimony in court, and offers psycho-educational guidance on victim-offender intersectionality in human trafficking cases. 


Shannon holds an M.A. in Social Work from the University of East Anglia (UK), a B.Ed from the University of Toronto, a Counselling Specialist Certificate from Queens University and a B.A. in International Development from Trent University. She is registered social worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and a certified restorative justice facilitator. She is also a sought-after public speaker and consultant on key issues in justice and mental health and has spoken worldwide on these topics. As the author of two national bestsellers, Through the Glass (her own memoir) and Out of the Shadows (memoir of human trafficking survivor Timea Nagy), and a New York Times “Women in the World” Recommended Writer, Shannon also offers manuscript coaching and editing, and assists clients to write victim impact, sentencing and support statements for court.

Shannon is based in Toronto and offers services in English and Spanish.

Emma Jackson, B.Admin

Administrative Assistant

Emma brings her organizational skills along with an advanced diploma in Marketing from St. Lawrence College and Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Laurentian University to support the team’s mission and practice.

Along with her administrative attributes, Emma is passionate about mental health and helping others. She believes in the importance of spreading awareness that nobody is suffering alone. As she helps schedule appointments, find additional resources, and keep us all connected, know that she can also offer a listening and compassionate ear or a warm pep talk when you call or email her. Emma takes pride in being a positive influence and is looking forward to providing exceptional support to all clients. 

Emma is based in Kingston, Ontario.

Emma Jackson
Amelia Hutchison

Amelia Hutchison, BFA, DKATI

Certified Art Therapist

Amelia is an interdisciplinary artist and art therapist who has used painting and embroidery practice to hold space for grief and trauma in her own life. She believes that creative expression is a powerful tool for transforming challenges into growth and understanding and supports clients to connect and make sense of their stories through art. Amelia also believes that everyone has an artist inside them, and she helps clients of all backgrounds to tap into their inherent creativity.

During her undergraduate studies at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD, she specialized in Community Arts and using art as a catalyst for connection and social change. Amelia is a recent graduate of Kutenai Art Therapy Institute in Nelson, BC who works from a trauma-informed and strengths-based lens with groups and individuals and often incorporates mindfulness and poetry into art making sessions.

Amelia works out of her studio in the Kootenay Mountains of British Columbia. 


Louise Blanchard, MA, CCC

Personal Counsellor/Therapist

Louise is a Canadian Certified Counsellor with over 25 years of experience in both public and private practice settings. She works with adults, teens, children and families. Louise is also the proud Founder of the Birch Wellness Center, a multidisciplinary, collaborative private practice located in the heart of downtown Winnipeg.

As an experienced clinician, Louise helps clients address issues related to trauma, loss, anxiety, depression and relationships. Often clients present with recurrent problematic behaviours that are holding them back, personally and in their relationships with others. Together with her clients, Louise formulates a treatment plan based upon comprehensive assessment and goal-setting. She incorporates the latest mind/body interventions such as EMDR, Brainspotting, Somatic Processing and Mindfulness, to promote rapid change on neurobiological and emotional levels, resolving past events in a safe and holistic way.

Louise is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Louise Blanchard
Maureen Brouwer

Maureen Brouwer, Dip PT


Maureen is known for her compassionate respect for the client and her ability to inspire hope and confidence in the recovery process, particularly those suffering the physical and somatic effects of sexual abuse, stress and PTSD. Regaining a maximal level of function and quality of life is her goal for each person. She provides in-person massage and physiotherapy for clients in the Winnipeg area, and guided physiotherapy techniques by telehealth/video call to clients further away. She has a particular passion for helping sexual abuse survivors reclaim ownership of their bodies and heal physical and psychological wounds that can result from assault. 

Maureen is also an experienced adult educator, leading workshops on motivational interviewing, self-compassion, and stress management. She also supports caregivers to navigating the health care system and take care of themselves as they take care of others.

Maureen is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Amber Dittberner

Substance Abuse Counsellor

People of all ages and backgrounds experience problems with addictions, and they can make positive changes. After achieving sobriety in 2011, Amber committed to improving the lives of those living with problematic substance use by providing tools for assessment, goal-setting strategies, education, and talk therapy. She teaches the 12-steps in a culturally appropriate way, supports accountability, and offers Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help pave the road to recovery.

Amber also provides client-centred services such as the Biopsychosocial-Spiritual Model, Levels of Involvement, Stages of Change, Motivational Interviewing, and Co-occurring Disorders Initiative. She serves on the board of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, has her Applied Counselling Certificate from the University of Manitoba specializing in addictions.

Amber is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Amber Dittberner
Erin McCarthy

Erin McCarthy, PhD.

Mindfulness and Meditation Coach

For over two decades, Erin has used evidence-based mindfulness and meditation techniques to help children, youth and adults find inner calm and to develop coping strategies for stress and trauma. After completing her undergraduate degree in French and Philosophy at Trent University, she went on to complete a Ph.D. at the University of Ottawa, comparing western and eastern views of the self. A professor of philosophy at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY, since 2000, Erin now divides her time between her work as a scholar-teacher on campus, a conference keynote speaker, an author, a workshop facilitator, and one-on-one coach. Her teaching and writing bring together eastern and western philosophies and practices to cultivate human flourishing, joy, and ease for individuals and communities.

Passionate about education, social justice and parenting, Erin is a member of the University of Ottawa’s Academy for Mindfulness and Contemplative Studies and Ottawa Mindfulness. She was recently made a fellow of the Mind and Life Institute. Let Erin help you release fear, self-judgment and anxiety and enjoy life more.

Erin lives in Ottawa with her husband and twin girls.


Jennifer-Leigh Good, MSW (she/them)


Jennifer is a psychotherapist, registered social worker, and neurofeedback clinician who specializes in the field of trauma recovery with a particular focus given to structural oppression, legal trauma, and sexual harm. She approaches her work with empathy, love, and an unrelenting commitment to those she works with in their processes of surviving, healing, and thriving. With a comprehension of the complexity of trauma and its impact on all facets of one's life, Jennifer’s practise places an emphasis on deep patience and respect for those she works with. At the core of her work is a commitment to collaborative recovery planning. She upholds experiential knowledge as a primary informant in the therapeutic process. 

Jennifer’s work is partially informed by her personal experiences with trauma and recovery. As a result, her passion lies in walking with those whom she works with through the multi-faceted journey of survival and trauma recovery. She approaches her work with a heightened awareness of the systemic barriers that can challenge and obstruct the trauma recovery process. Jennifer applies a pragmatic and strategic approach to addressing structural barriers that face those she works with in order to deconstruct, challenge, and maneuver around the pathologizing and individualizing discourses applied to trauma survivors. 

Jennifer is based in Toronto, Ontario.

Jenni's Headshot.jpg
Alexis Bonecchi headshot.jpeg

Alexis Bonecchi, Ba Psy, MA.

Registered Psychotherapist

Alexis is a Registered Psychotherapist with long time experience working in the field of mental health, She has experience working with trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, life transitions, challenges with regulating difficult emotions and self-esteem issues. She works with individuals, couples and families using different effective models to fit the approach that is right for each person. Her work involves the use of effective evidence-based interventions like CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), Solution Focused and Narrative Therapy blended with humanistic approaches like Gestalt Therapy, Mindfulness and Trauma Informed Interventions.

She is a strong believer in that we are all hardwired for healing and connection, even when feeling confused and overwhelmed by life challenges or traumatic experiences. Her practice style is collaborative, respectful and warm to foster deep self-knowledge, understanding and empowerment through learning new skills.

Alexis brings long experience working with diverse cultural backgrounds, religions and sexual orientations and can provide help in both English and Spanish.

Alexis is based in the Great Toronto Area.


Nubia Edith Alfonso, MSW-RSW.

Psychotherapist, Trauma Specialist and EMDR Therapist

Nubia is a professional and caring psychotherapist with over 15 years of experience. Her approach is to provide meaningful and effective treatment to clients in an inviting,  safe, warm and non-judgmental environment where clients can find a support that is kind, informative and transformative.

Nubia offers her skills to treat various psychological, emotional and behavioral issues in individuals, couples and families. Her significant experience and training, have provided her profesional confidence in using evidence based models of Psychotherapy such as EMDR, EFT, CBT-trauma focused treatment, DBT and Mindfulness. She offers
counselling for a wide range of issues related with trauma, PTSD, grief, depression, anxiety, and relationship issues.

Nubia’s work is gentle, creative and compassionate. Your individuality and confidentiality will be respected which will help you to be better in tune with your inner self, find direction in your challenges, create new connections within and develop awareness to find new wisdom and insight into your difficulties.


Nubia’s practice is guided by her life experience, her spirituality, her skills, as well as her passion to see people live at their highest and best. Nubia offers therapy in both English and Spanish.

Nubia is based in the Great Toronto Area.

Nubia Edith Alfonso Headshot.jpg
Sarah Rogers

Sarah Rogers

Indigenous Elder and Sexual Abuse Counsellor

Sarah is a wise and wonderful Inuvialuit (Inuit) elder, cultural support worker, and sexual abuse recovery counsellor, as well as a residential school survivor. Sarah is passionate about preserving and restoring Indigenous cultural practices, and healing people affected by residential school and inter-generational trauma. She testified during Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission and now works closely with the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation to bring healing opportunities to her people locally.

More broadly, Sarah offers a listening ear, perspective and coping strategies to clients of all backgrounds who are coping with the effects of substance and sexual abuse, grief, and those who simply need a Nanak (grandmother) in their lives to talk with. 

Sarah divides her time between Inuvik, Northwest Territories and her traditional on-the-land camps with her large family.


Claire Tansey, MA

Author, Chef, and Food Educator

Claire has been in the food business for 20 years, as a restaurant cook, baker, cooking teacher, test kitchen manager, restaurant critic and food director at Chatelaine magazine. Along the way, she played professional improv for four years and got a master's degree in literature. Through her regular appearances on Cityline and Breakfast Television, her Toronto Star and CBC radio food columns, her fun Facebook Live events, and her interactive online courses, she empowers people to cook at home and lead happier, healthier lives.

Claire's books, Uncomplicated: Taking the Stress Out of Home Cooking and Dinner, Uncomplicated: Fixing a Delicious Meal Every Night of the Week prove that cooking doesn't have to be difficult to be delicious. She focuses on recipes that are easy to shop for, don't break the bank, easy to prep and overall make dinner easier, faster and less stressful. Claire focuses on how and why dinner can be the highlight of your day. “Life’s complicated—cooking doesn’t have to be!”

Through her food, cooking and mealtime coaching, Claire helps clients understand the importance of food and what we put into our bodies to support our overall wellness. Claire knows that stress and trauma can change a person or family’s relationship to food, particularly for people in grief and survivors of sexual abuse. Let Claire help you build or reclaim a positive relationship with food, cooking and meal time. 

Claire works out of her home office and kitchen in Toronto.

Claire Tansey