Grief & Loss

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August Expert-in-Residence

Lindsay Ann Wheatley

End of Life Doula and Counsellor

Weaving Individual Support through Ritual & Ceremony

Lindsay Ann is deeply connected to and inspired by ritual, ceremony, community and the personal journey of birth, breath and death. 

As a Counsellor, End-of Life- advocate, keeper of traditional songs and drum teachings, she holds space and acts as a gentle guide to support the very individual path that is grief and loss.

This Month


  • two online workshops on grief and trauma hosted by our expert, Lindsay Ann

Circle Time:

  • one group discussion on grief and trauma hosted by our founder and clinical director, Shannon Moroney

Open Studio:

  • one community space to explore grief through art, hosted by our art therapist, Amelia Hutchison

Journal Prompts:

  • 5 printable journal pages with prompts to help you deepen you understanding  of grief created by our expert


  • emails to start your week with a dose of inspiration or wisdom from our expert