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May Expert-in-Residence

Emma J. Bell 

Emma Bell is a trained mediator, former judge and litigator as well as having been a coach for 17 years. Emma has also spent 3 years travelling around the world to interview 50 people who have faced extreme adversity, but who are thriving. She wanted to understand what we can all learn to thrive in the face of challenges that arise in our own lives.


Emma’s most recent book, ‘9 Secrets to Thriving’ published by Audible, shares the stories and insights of those 50 Thrivers to inspire and teach us how to ‘bounce forward’. Emma’s work as a judge, mediator, coach and litigator, brought her face to face with those dealing with adversity, and she has worked with many hundreds of people over the past 17 years enabling them to build connections and relationships that will support them to thrive.

Learn more about Emma's work here.

This Month


  • two online workshops hosted by our expert, Emma J. Bell

Circle Time:

  • one group discussion hosted by our founder and clinical director, Shannon Moroney

Open Studio:

  • one community space to explore relationships through art, hosted by our art therapist, Amelia Hutchison

Journal Prompts:

  • 5 printable journal pages with prompts to help you deepen you understanding  of this month's theme, created by Emma J. Bell


  • emails to start your week with a dose of inspiration or wisdom from our expert