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July Expert-in-Residence

Amelia Hutchison

Art Therapist

When Amelia was four years old her father was murdered. In addition to growing up trying to make sense of her loss, she was in the media spotlight. Her family was often in the media during the long years of criminal proceedings and publicity that surrounded the crime. 

Amelia credits her art practice with her healing. "It's what gave me power over the narrative of my life. So often other people told my story for me. I didn't get to write newspaper headlines, but i did get to choose the colour of my paint and the ways I moved a brush."

Now, as a certified art therapist, Amelia understands the importance of choice in healing from trauma. "As survivors, we get to be the authors of our own stories. We can choose how we speak about what happened to us. We can choose how we relate to public narratives."

As an artist and art therapist, Amelia is interested in how social media can hinder or help on our paths to post-traumatic growth. Her first workshop, members will explore how they relate to social media use and how to feel empowered by the ways we use (or don't use!) facebook, instagram, and other platform. This workshop cover topics like "doom scrolling," digital vulnerability, and creative ways of reclaiming narrative. 

In her second workshop, members will learn tools for relating to trauma in the news. Whether it's trauma we have experienced personally, or vicarious trauma from other news stories. 

Join Amelia at The Trauma Club in July to reclaim your own story and transform media and social media into tools for empowerment. 

Learn more about Amelia's work here. 

This Month


  • two online workshops on media, social media, and trauma hosted by our expert, Amelia Hutchison

Circle Time:

  • one group discussion on media and trauma hosted by our founder and clinical director, Shannon Moroney

Open Studio:

  • one community space to explore media through art, hosted by our art therapist, Amelia Hutchison

Journal Prompts:

  • 4 printable journal pages with prompts to help you deepen you understanding  of personal narrative, created by Amelia Hutchison


  • emails to start your week with a dose of inspiration or wisdom from our expert