Work, Money, & Legacy

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June Expert-in-Residence

Betty-Anne Howard 

Financial Advisor

For over 20 years, Betty-Anne has been guiding individuals, couples and families to realize their financial dreams. With her specialization in strategic philanthropic planning she has been able to direct millions of dollars to the charitable sector while dramatically reducing taxes for those individuals she has assisted.

Betty-Anne is an accomplished author having published her most recent book, Making Your Dreams a Reality and has been interviewed by The Globe and Mail and Carleton University’s publication, Philanthropy in Action. She is a member of the Canadian Association of Gift Planners having also been their Ottawa Education Chair, and for two years served as a Trustee at the Institute for Advanced Financial Education.

Growing up in poverty and fueled by her father’s illiteracy in rural Ontario, Betty-Anne became committed to higher learning; becoming the first person in her family to attend university and obtain a Masters and Honours degree. Later on she developed and delivered courses at both Queen’s University and St. Lawrence College. She’s been honoured with numerous awards for her public speaking, and has facilitated a variety of inspirational talks to organizations such as the Ottawa Estate Planning Council, Friends of the Earth Canada, Action Canada and the Canadian Association of Gift Planners.

Betty-Anne has been an active Board and Committee member for such organizations as Queen’s University Ban Righ Foundation, the Kingston Unitarian Fellowship, the Sexual Assault Crisis Centre and the Kingston Arts Council. She has been on the Board of the Kingston District Health Council where her involvement was instrumental in obtaining Ministry of Health Funding for the first Sexual Assault Crisis Centre in Canada.

Betty-Anne lives with her spouse and adopted golden doodle, Phoenix, on beautiful Bass Lake between Kingston and Ottawa. They enjoy the great outdoors and spending time with their horses, Stella and Brooklyn. 

Learn more about Betty-Anne here.

This Month


  • two online workshops on money and legacy and trauma hosted by our expert, Betty-Anne Howard

Circle Time:

  • one group discussion on money and trauma hosted by our founder and clinical director, Shannon Moroney

Open Studio:

  • one community space to explore money through art, hosted by our art therapist, Amelia Hutchison

Journal Prompts:

  • 5 printable journal pages with prompts to help you deepen you understanding  of money and legacy, created by Betty-Anne Howard


  • emails to start your week with a dose of inspiration or wisdom from our expert