Community Agreements

The Trauma Club is a supportive and confidential space for survivors of all types to connect and explore pathways to post-traumatic growth. We endeavor to make this space as safe as possible. To do so, we have created a set of community agreements to help ensure the integrity and security of our community. 


It is important that you understand our community agreements before participating in our programming. If you have any questions about how to participate safely or you would like additional support, please feel free to contact a team member. 


#1 We agree to hold confidentiality.

  • We understand that each of our experiences are our own. While you may share about your own experiences in The Trauma Club, please do not share names, information, or experiences of other group members.

  • We agree not to take screenshots or recordings of lectures or other programming.

  • We agree to participate from a confidential space. Please ensure that there are no other people in the room while you are participating and do your best to avoid interruptions. Please do not invite other people to participate if they are not signed up for The Trauma Club.

  • We have the option to choose how we show up. At The Trauma Club you may choose to use your real name or an alias when you participate. When signing into Zoom you can change your name before entering the room.

  • *Please note that if you are involved in active court proceedings you must use an alias to protect the confidentiality of your case.


#2 We agree to honour everyone’s unique journey.

  • We understand that everyone experiences trauma differently and group members will have experienced a wide variety of traumas. 

  • We agree not to compare experiences of trauma as being better or worse. Every participant in The Trauma Club has a right to participate. Each of our individual experiences is valid.

  • We agree not to cast judgement about how another person has chosen to navigate trauma.

  • We agree to speak from personal experience and avoid “should” statements when speaking to other groups members. For example, instead of “You should really try meditation” use a statement like, “In my experience, meditation has been really helpful.”


#3 We agree to take responsibility for our own health and safety.

  • We agree to do our best not to speak or behave in a way that other group members may find triggering. However, we do understand that challenging feelings may come up in conversations about trauma. 

  • We understand that we are in control of our own sharing. You are not required to share anything you don’t want to with the group. You are in complete control of what you share, show much you share, and how fast you share. It is always okay to “pass.” Listening and witnessing others in a valuable form of support.

  • We agree to prioritize our own mental health. This might mean taking a break, mindful breathing, drinking a glass of water, or leaving a session. You can reach out to a co-facilitator in the Zoom chat function if you are struggling. Ultimately, you are the keeper of your own mental health and know how to best take care of yourself. 

  • We understand that The Trauma Club is not a substitute for therapy. This is a guided space to gather with other survivors and experts to explore your healing journey. The work is done in group and during your own reflection process. Members who would like more individual support can reach out to our team to learn about our other counselling/therapy services. Some of our experts may also offer one-to-one sessions.

  • We understand that The Trauma Club does not provide crisis support. If you feel like you are at risk of harming yourself or someone else please reach out to a crisis line or call 911. 

  • Canada: 833-456-4566 (Canada Suicide Prevention Service)

  • United States: 1-800-273-8255 (National Suicide Prevention Lifeline)


#4 We agree to share time.

  • We understand that The Trauma Club is a space for everyone. We agree to be mindful of time when sharing during sessions. This means giving ourselves permission to share, and it also means trying to share the essence of our stories/experiences and not all the details in order to allow others time to share, too. 

#5 We agree to show up fully.

  • We agree to do our best to join sessions on time and ready to participate. We also agree to do our best not to leave sessions early. Some events may not admit late arrivals in order to create safety around material being shared. 

  • We agree to engage in active listening and hold each member’s sharing with respect and attention. Multitasking while you participate may feel distracting or disrespectful to others. 

  • We agree not to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while participating in sessions. We also agree not to smoke or vape on camera. Eating can also be distracting, so please plan a snack or meal for before or after the event.